Irigarea aduce bunăstarea

The Irrigation Water Users’ Association “JORILE”

The Irrigation Water Users’ Association “JORILE” includes the localities Jora de Jos and Viscauti. WUA was established in the area of the Centralized Irrigation System 11-6 Jora de Jos on December 21, 2011 and registered at the Rayon Council of Orhei as public organization in January 2012.
The Management Transfer Agreement between WUA Criuleni, Apele Moldovei Agency, and the Millennium Challenge Account was signed on May 3, 2013.

Contact details:

WUA office: Mayor's office, Jora de Mijloc, 2nd floor.
Skype: auaijorile

President of WUA Criuleni: Voica Ion, tel.: 068371988  

Director: Petru Boldișor
Chief accountant: Ludmila Negru

Management bodies of WUA Jorile:
Administrative Council:

  1. Ion Voica - President
  2. Petru Amoașii - member
  3. Claudia Savinmember
  4. Alexandra Rusumember
  5. Maria Leahumember
  6. Iurie Didencomember
  7. Eugeniu Didencomember
  8. Alexandru Andrieșmember
  9. Ghenadie Șcerbanmember
  10. Iurie Dulghermember
  11. Iurie Bejanmember
Audit Commission:
  1. Larisa Cicală - President
  2. Maria Andrieș - member
  3. Angela Pantaz - member
Conflict Resolution Commission:
  1. Tatiana Gondiu - President
  2. Ion Terentii - member
  3. Lilian Gherciu - member
  4. Elena Voica - member
  5. Aliona Andrieș - member


Compact Program 2010-2015